Welcome to PHG Enterprises

Welcome to PHG Enterprise Sourcing Solutions. We specialize in educational and hospitality furniture. We wrap our plans around the customer – we do whatever it takes to please our clients. Our leadership team has over four decades of combined experience within our industry. From customization to strategic partnerships, intense focus on quality and always putting our customers first, PHG Enterprises would love to serve you.

Innovative Products Image

Innovative Products: PHG Enterprises specializes in several unique and innovative products. PHG has designed multiple products at the request of our clients. We provide removable and replaceable fabric on their upholstery lines.  This type of fabric allows anyone to remove fabric that is worn and replace it with new fabric. Additionally, PHG has also developed possibly the most environmentally friendly upholstered product in any market. This product is constructed with high-density styro-foam and carries a 25 year warranty. The light-weight, durable line is constructed with renewable material. We are convinced that this cutting edge product embodies our innovative spirit.

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Innovative Hospitality: PHG Enterprise Sourcing Solutions is a leader in the hospitality industry. Hospitality is defined by the friendly reception and treatment of guests. As we design furniture for this market, we have the goal of creating furniture that provides your guests in a warm, friendly, and generous way.

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Innovating Greatness: First of all, only God is great. So as He guides us as we strive to innovate, we hope we can innovate greatness – greatness in our products, greatness in our customer service, greatness in our design, and finally, greatness in how we treat people.